Elizabeth Witts and Ryan Descheneaux

Elizabeth & Ryan

Elizabeth, a kindergarten teacher in Lowell, first heard about the home buyer training class through her mother in 2012. She enrolled in the course in January 2013 together with Ryan, who works as a firefighter in the Dracut Fire Department. One month after finishing the course, they purchased their first home. Five years later, after having two daughters, they decided that it was time to move to a bigger house. In October 2018, they sold their home and lived with Elizabeth’s parents for a few months, and eventually found a new house big enough for their two daughters and dog in Dracut.

“Before we took the course, we had no idea what we were getting into.” explained Elizabeth. “We were already in the process of buying our house when we took the course, and I only got to understand most of what we did after completing the class.” Going through the whole process was what helped Ryan the most. “I got to see the whole picture and got a clear idea of what we were doing which really helped in buying our second home.”

The home inspection training was very helpful for them. “We visited our first house with the home inspector after completing the homebuyer class. “I felt very comfortable, I knew everything he was doing and didn’t have to ask a lot of questions. Ever since, I feel really bad for people who don’t know these things, and feel lucky that I do.”

They searched for a new home for three months. Elizabeth found a property that had just been listed that morning. She sent it to Ryan. That same afternoon, they made an offer. “We were a little nervous because there was a higher bidder. But thanks to the course, we had everything ready. The owner chose us over the higher bidder. “With the help of Business Network International (BNI) in Tyngsboro, they assembled a great team of professionals including a lender, attorney and realtor.

“I feel like this is the ideal home for us. Everything is really good now.”

Congratulations, Ryan and Elizabeth.