Lead Paint Abatement/Rehab Loans

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Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership can help homeowners and investors remove lead paint by utilizing the MASSHOUSING Get The Lead Out Program.

Why is Lead Paint Dangerous?

Lead is a poison and is especially harmful to children under age 6. It can harm a child’s brain, kidney, and nervous system. It can permanently damage hearing and speech and cause behavioral and developmental problems.

Why be concerned?

Lead was widely added to paint in buildings built before 1978. It was banned in 1978. Over time, paint deteriorates and releases dangerous lead dust.

How can MassHousing’s Get the Lead Out Program help?

The program offers 0% interest loans to de-lead owner-occupied properties. The loan is paid off when the owner sells, transfers, or refinances the property.

The interest rate for investors is 3%, and the loan is amortized over 5 to 15 years, depending on the amount borrowed. 

What are the income qualifications?

To be eligible, the maximum annual income for 1-2 person households is $120,400. For households of 3+ persons, the maximum income is $138,400. 

Contact the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership at (978) 459-8490 or mvhp@mvhp.org to set up an appointment.

Resources for Home Owners

Learn more about lead paint and deleading: https://www.mass.gov/finding-and-removing-lead

Has your home been previously lead inspected? Find out https://massit.hylandcloud.com/203CLPPPPublicAccess/

MassHousing – Get The Lead Out https://www.masshousing.com/home-ownership/homeowners

State Approved Lead Inspectors: https://www.mass.gov/doc/licensed-private-lead-inspector-list/download

State-Approved Deleading Contractors: https://www.mass.gov/doc/find-a-licensed-deleading-contractor/download