Home Buyers of the Month

  • Minnie & Tiffany

    “We had the best team.” MINNIE & TIFFANY ARE SISTERS who grew up in Lowell. They are delighted to own their own home after… Read More
  • Chan & Thara

    “Daddy, we finally have a home.” CHAN AND THARA LEARNED ABOUT the Home Buyer Training Program through our Facebook page. A few… Read More
  • Hugo

    HUGO REALLY WANTED TO BUY A HOUSE but didn’t know where to start. A friend told him about the home buyer training classes… Read More
  • Alizabate

    ALIZABATE TOOK THE ONLINE HOME BUYER training class in 2015 as a single mom. Shortly thereafter, she met her fiancé George. George was… Read More
  • Sharon & Harold

    SHARON AND HERALD DISCOVERED the home buyer training classes during their extensive three- year search for a home. They took the class several… Read More